Interior Design Trends 2023

In her latest guest blog, interior design expert Suzanne Hickey discusses the latest trends and predictions for what's on (and off) trend in interior design in 2023.

‘Tis the season…for design and decor trends and predictions for 2023.

Every year, there are hundreds and hundreds of lists predicting the latest trends & colours for the next year. Trends for the living room. Furniture trends. Design style trends. And always a few unexpected trends!

Who’s the most accurate? What ones do we believe will actually materialize into real trends? How do trendsetters decide what to predict?

The truth is…brace yourselves…it’s ALWAYS just a guess. An educated guess, maybe, but a guess no less. If you want to be ahead of the trend curve in the coming year, you’ll have to guess, too.

Sometimes it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy – if enough “experts” say it’s a trend, then it will become a trend. Sometimes it’s simply wishful thinking. 

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you. We’ve scoured loads of lists -- maybe not hundreds and hundreds, but A LOT of them. Cheeky, we know, but here’s OUR list of top predictions for 2023.

For fun, we’ve also included some design predictions for 2023 that we hope DON’T become trends.

For even more fun, we’ve also included a few trends we sure hope (finally) go away next year. 

Designer Tips for Styling your Home in 2023

Biophilic design

In plain terms, this is a design style that draws from the natural world that incorporates materials, colours and visuals that occur in nature. Even if you didn’t know the name, this trend has been around for a few years now, and we don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  For many, nature brings a sense of comfort and a feeling of connection to the world beyond the walls of our homes. Natural colour palettes, wood grain, bamboo, rattan, stone, floral & fauna wallpapers, light diffusing lamp shades and fresh cut flowers & branches will continue to keep your look right on trend.

Moody & dramatic spaces

The latest twist on moody rooms is more monochromic designs. Think deep blue, green or purple painted walls & trim, wallpaper, shades, furnishings and fabrics. This is a trend you have to really lean into if you want to achieve the modern and cool look that’s the hallmark of this trend.

The return of Art Deco

The return of the Roaring 20’s means bold, fluid, symmetrical motifs, & patterns. Envision trapezoids, zigzag, chevron, sweeping curves, sunburst and triangular shapes, stylized wildlife and sensuous abstract nude females. Velvet, stainless steel, mirror & chrome, glass, and lacquer materials are key elements to this trend whether you're using incorporating these elements through lamps, a table, decorating with luxury wallpaper, or picking stylish lighting.

A love of organization

With the continued rise of organizational TV shows across all the major streaming platforms, people will still want well organized spaces. Less desire for open shelving (which was a very big trend for a really long time) and glass front doors so we can close things up and organize them well for a more uncluttered and cleaner look.


This trend is all about curves that take something simple and elevate it with ease. Doorway arches & windows are architectural no-brainers but you don’t have to undergo an entire home reno to incorporate this décor trend.  Rounded shapes in mirrors, wall murals, tile, rugs, photo frames and rounded or curved furniture give you lots of options to express your best self and incorporate this trend into your design. 

Predictions we hope DON’T become trends in 2023

A move away from gray

We still love gray for its versatility and soothing tones. Not everyone likes beiges and tans and we believe grays can be updated to work within the latest trend predictions. We love grays -- just try to convince us otherwise.

Gothic décor

We’re afraid this trend prediction will be horribly misunderstood by many. It’s definitely not about an all black, macabre look that comes with bones, feathers and various other Halloween-y style décor. While we are on board with some of the individual elements that define this trend – black decorative accents, dark furnishings, dramatic drapery, an abundance of candles, antique oddities and interesting crown molding – they must be used sparingly and take a certain level of design savvy to make it work in a trendy, good way.


Here’s what we hope is (finally) out for 2023:

Live edge everything

Ugh. It already looks dated and thankfully the continued trend towards natural elements has evolved far beyond live edge. We apologize to those of you who invested in live edge tables, bar tops & countertops (but we never liked them).

Untextured, minimalist spaces

We’re happy to see you go. White on white on white … how boring! Truthfully, these spaces were so pretty to look at in design magazines, but not so livable for most people.

A few others we believe are past their best

Sliding barn doors, beige walls, southwestern motifs, traditional dining rooms, gingham patterns, grandmother inspired styles, and the overuse of shiplap.

If this all leaves your head spinning, or if you just want to know what decor pieces or textures to hone in on, then talk to us at Designling & Co. While, as designers, we love watching and forecasting trends for sport, we’re really not so much about what’s trending, but more about how we can help clients feel at home and create a functional, fresh space that ultimately reflects your unique story with an aesthetic that reflects how you want to live your best life.

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