How to Choose the Perfect Dining Set for Your Home

Your home is your special place to relax after a long day and enjoy some you time or time with family and friends. That's why it's important to choose the perfect furniture for the occasion and dining room sets are no exception.

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With a wide choice of dining room sets available, how do you know which one is right for you? Read on for some tips on how to shop for the perfect dining set and be sure to make a list of what's important to you. We'll discuss dining table shape, number of seats and provide some inspiration on different materials and style to help guide and make the decision process easier!

Dining room or in-kitchen dining?

First, you'll want to consider the room location and size of your space. If you have a smaller dining room, or are placing a dining set within your kitchen area, choose a smaller table with fewer chairs. Also, consider function as one of the shopping filters. How will your family use the furniture? For formal dining, for homework or hobbies, for occasional dining or every day. For example, chairs with arms take up more space but can also function as accent chairs to extend your living room seating when you have guests over.

How many seats do you need?

The number people you typically entertain will also play a role in choosing the right dining set. If you frequently have large gatherings, choose a table with leaves that can be added or removed to accommodate more or fewer guests. You'll be able to store the leaves most of the year but add them for special occasions like celebratory meals.

What shapes of dining room tables are popular?

Your dining room table shape should be aesthetically suited to your decor style. Add shape as a filter on your list. Shape also plays a role in how many people you can seat and how easily everyone can move around the table. A rectangular table is a classic choice that can seat up to eight people comfortably. A square table may work best in an open-plan kitchen. If you have a smaller space, try a round or oval table that can accommodate four to six people with generous spacing for the seats.

Choosing the right material and style

Choosing the right materials and style sets the scene for a perfect dining experience. Do you want a rustic wood set or furniture that is more contemporary modern? Upholstered chairs or solid wood? A glass, metal, or teak table? Brown, beige, black, and grey are popular neutral colours for dining chairs. The options are endless but it's important to choose a style at a price that you'll love which works with the colour scheme of your home décor.

Will the dining room furniture fit?

This may sound obvious but always measure the space first before starting your search. Buyers' remorse can be expensive. Delivery may be free, but if you need to account for the return to the store, shipping can be expensive and service slow!

Don't be rushed when choosing dining tables

Take your time. If you can take a look at some furniture sets in person to get a true sense of scale and comfort of the furniture.

Once you've found a set you love, make sure to take proper measurements of your dining room and the dining table to ensure it will fit comfortably in your home.

Shop online for more choice

Next extend your search to shop online. Make sure to check out price, and delivery services as they can vary from one shop to another. We also recommend to check the company information to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company that is going to provide after-sales service as well as deliver direct to your home.

And that's your list! Now that you know how to choose the perfect dining set for your home, it's time for the fun part - start shopping!

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