Finding the Perfect Bar Stools

Are you looking for some bar stool or counter stool inspiration but don't know where to start? There are lots of counter and bar stool options available; the shape of the seat, the materials the stools are made from, height, and style that you'll want to blend perfectly to the look of your kitchen or bar. But before you start shopping for the perfect seating for your home, read on to discover some tips and tricks you won't want to miss.

  1. How many bar stools do I need? The answer depends on the length of your counter, kitchen island or bar. Also consider the number of people in the household. The general rule of thumb is to allow 28 to 30 inches per seating area. And note that stools with arms will take up more space. Three stools are generally recommended for a 6ft long island or counter bar. An 8ft long bar can fit four stools comfortably. If you're seating on both sides of the counter then you can double the number of stools. 
  2. Should my counter stools complement the existing furniture in my home? The answer to this one is it's up to you! Some people prefer to mix things up a little and introduce new colours, textures or styles with their stool choice to make a statement. Others prefer to play it safer, working with the existing colour palette of the space. Spend time thinking about your choice or wood, fabric, metal and be sure to browse around our site to gain a fuller appreciation of the choices available to you before you make your decision.
  3. What are the material and finish choices? At Bar Stool Gems there is more and more choice available all the time. Bar stools are proving to be a popular addition to the home and even updating your stools can bring a whole new look and appearance of class and finish to your decor style. They bring a touch of modern luxury to the kitchen, bar, or lounge room and can be a great feature piece to your space. Pick out your bar stool with a highly polished metallic, wood or rich leather material that adds class or choose an upholstered one that is softer to touch. 
  4. Should I mix and match? That's personal choice. An ecletic look isn't for everyone but a wooden stool paired with a modern looking upholstered one on the other hand, will surely make a statement. 
  5. If you're deciding between backless, stools with backs or saddle stools, which one is right for your home? To answer this question, think about your lifestyle and moments in your day that you will be using the stools. Enjoying a cup of coffee on a backless bar stool will be a pleasure. For kids doing homework or creating crafts, you'll probably find it more comfortable to consider a stool with a back rest. Saddle stools tuck neatly under the counter which is a consideration when space is at a premium. And stools with armrests mean you can indulge in a bit of relaxation when entertaining with friends or family. 

There's so much to consider to get your bar stool selection just right. One bonus tip is to pay close attention to the dimensions in the product descriptions to make sure you select the right stool first time.

The only question left for you to consider is which bar or counter stool is right for you? When it's time to make a new purchase, we hope you'll enjoy shopping our wide selection of quality bar stools.